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Single Family Homeowners

Keep your home safe and comfortable with home energy improvements — and save a bundle on home energy bills with BayREN’s Home+ rebates.

Not sure which project to tackle first? Contact your home energy advisor to learn how to get the most efficiency out of your upgrades by doing them in the most effective order.

As of April 1st, 2024, rebate amounts have changed. Please review the updated list of rebates here. 

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Induction Cooktop

Magnetic technology delivers more energy directly into your food than gas or electric stoves — a more efficient way to get fired up.

insulation installation

Lower your heating and cooling costs with insulation for cozier winters and cooler summers — and big energy savings in every season.

air sealing installation
Air Sealing

Minimize your home's air leaks to lower heating and cooling costs, increase comfort and create a healthier home.

duct sealing
Duct Sealing or Replacement

Properly sealed ducts can make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and safe — and reduce your energy bills.

Heat Pump Dryer
Heat Pump Dryer

By recycling air, heat pump dryers use less electricity —and they’re easy to install since they don’t require ventilation.

air condition unit
Air Conditioning

Choose an energy-efficient central air conditioner for reliable cooling and energy savings.


Save on a furnace that delivers clean, consistent heat, low energy costs and enjoy even temperatures throughout your home.

heat pump
Rebate Extensions for Pinole Residents

BayREN has sunset the rebates for Heat Pump Water Heaters and Heat Pumps. However, these rebates will be extended through June 30th 2024 for Pinole residents only to accommodate the recently launched Pinole Energy Enhancement Rebate Program.

Find out how to save even more with a free home energy score and with water efficiency upgrades in select locations.

Water Efficiency Upgrades

Save money and save water — with water efficiency upgrades from participating water utilities.

Home Energy Score

How energy efficient is your home? Find out how your home performs and how to improve your comfort and savings.